Check-list for packing

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Check-list for packing

General items
- passport photo in color for the Herräng-passport card. (if you take classes)
- notebook for notes from the classes
- camera. Please note, you cant take video of the classes or evening shows. Only images.
- Credit Card. (can be used in the yumyum-restaurant and in the local store
- sun-Glasses
- sun-screen lotion (the local store usually runs out of them)
- towels for showers. I would recommend 2 towels. You can buy towels from the lindy-hop shop in case of panic.
- a protective casing for your eye-classes if needed
- a small back-bag to carry your stuff around the camp. It should be small enought to carry basic stuff, dont even consider bringing huge back-bags to the camp.

Medicine and hygiene
- vitamin C
- vitamin D
- zink tablets
- power ice [1] for muscle cramps
- Ear Plugs (i recommend the wax-model. They can be shaped to your ear and its easier to sleep in them)
- compeed - tape for your feet in case of blisters.[2]
- burana for headaches
- as much flu-medicine you can carry.
- something for shore throat

Note! the local store often runs out of stuff, so make sure you bring these with you!
- shampoo and soap
- mouthwash and toothpaste
- toothbrush in an unopened package
- deodorant!
- a plastic mug
- mosquito repellent

- headphones
- ipod or other mp3-player
- a laptop if you want to get online without waiting - must support WIFI b or g-modes.
- camera with enough space on the card
- extension cord for electric cords
- extender to divide one outlet to two outlets. This way you are not taking an outlet for yourself only. - Mobile Phone (including charger)

On mobile phone, you might want to consider a prepaid card from local providers, the roaming charges might be expensive, specifically for mobile data.

- your dancing shoes!
- hat or a cap to shield from sun
- rain-cover
- training clothes. Note that the class-tents can be hot sometimes and you should reserve plenty of clothes for classes.
- classy clothes for the finer parties. On tuesday they have blues-night and people like to really dress up.
- you can never have too much socks!
- swimsuit (there is a nice beach available)

For those who go to general accomodation

- IMPORTANT: You must bring your own sheets and Pillow Case. Camp will give you your own mattress and a quilt and pillow on loan.
- coat hangers. It will be easier to keep your clothes on hangers somewhere than in a big pile
- a small lock to use with the lockers in general accomodation. This is to store your valuable items somewhere safe, i would recommend a lock that has a numbers code instead of a key [3].
- Some thin-rope. (Not what you think) You can use it together with some sheets to create a shade on your bed to get more privacy.
UPDATE: Due to the fire safety regulations, it is no longer allowed to use sheets to cover the sides of your bed. So try to love your neighbors, since you will see them the entire time :D

- flashlight to use during the night. It is not polite to turn on the light in the middle of the night.
- an alarm clock that is not too annoying. (Alarming number of dancers rely on iphone default-sound to wake up :-), you may want to start conditioning yourself away from your iphone wakeup-call, if you use it :D)

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