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Evening activities

Evening activities consist of various events:
1. the main evening meeting starting around 21:00
2. the extra evening classes
3. panel discussions
4. parties start around mid-night
5. special restaurants sometimes open during the night

1. the main evening meeting

The evening meeting will start around 21:00 in the folkets hus. There are several options on seeing it.
- watching it from the tv-screens in the Bar Bedlam, the library or the dance-banan,
- or the correct way of getting to the main hall of folkets hus. (upstairs). The atmosphere is so much more intense in the room seeing it live! People don't usually understand it by going there a few times. It takes time before Lennart can mesmerize you!

If you want to see it live (and you should), then you need to come to the folkets hus around 20:30 to stand in line. Since there are about 1000 people on the camp and the folkets hus main room fits around 300, everyone will not get in...

Before that you should get a pillow for yourself from the prop-shop. The evening meeting audience is divided to those who sit on their stools (bring them with you) and the people in the front with pillows on the ground. The pillow option is the best.

The evening meeting will be hosted by the legendary Lennart Westerlund [1]. He's dry and sarcastic humor is the corner-stone of the entire camp! Sometimes they show rare film - clips of great scenes from movies. Anything can happen in the evening meeting. One year my friend got a bump in the head from a balloon with a Santa-clause as passenger.


2. the extra evening classes

After the evening meeting, there are usually these following options.
- 3 different concurrent evening classes on the school area. The will start around 10minutes after the meeting ends, so that people have time to walk there. The topics of the classes are mentioned in the evening meeting and also the location of each course. (study the names of the tents, so that you know what tent they are referring to). You don't have to register to these extra classes, just walk to the tent that has the course you are interested.

Examples of evening classes:
- introduction to blues-dancing
- Michael Jackson's thriller-video choreography
- tricks and dips for lindy-hop
- introduction to Argentinian tango
- musicality and different roles

and so on and so on....

3. panel discussions

Sometimes there is a panel discussion in the library area. Its common that the old legends share their stories about the golden ages of swing. I have spent the most interesting times in herräng listening to these stories. These stories will give you inspiration. Bring your billow with you and hurry to get in, places are limited.

4. parties start around mid-night

Read more about parties here

5. special restaurants sometimes open during the night

Sometime they open new temporary restaurants during the night. Last year they had Hooters-restaurant and very good ethnic restaurants.

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