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Food in the camp

There are restaurants in the camp area, and most of them are operated by the Herräng dance camp volunteers.

Restaurant Heavens Kitchen (was Yum-Yum in previous years)

The best side of this restaurant is that you can use your visa-card to pay for food. They offer breakfast and lunch. You can buy individual servings or a week-pass. I would not recommend the week-pass since having danced all night, one does not always wake early enough to attend the breakfast :-). The difference between the week card and individual servings was not very high, so think about it before purchasing. This year the Bar Bedlam - people are in charge of this restaurant and i suspect that it will result in a much better tasting food. The hours are fixed for both servings, so you must be there during a specific time.

Price for a week card is 950 SEK

NOTE: there is always a vegetarian option on the list.

This is the only restaurant where you can pay with your visa-card.

Bar Bedlam


Bar Bedlam is located in the first floor of Folkets hus. The food there is fair and decently priced. The quality went down on 2011 in relation to previous years. When you pay, you get a wooden board with your number and when your food is ready they will call out for that number. You can also get soft drinks and beer! there. They usually have a vegetarian option on the list. Note: cash only. They have soups, pasta etc.

Food servings change during the week, but they have certain favorites they like to keep there always (taco-chips with meat for example)
Prices range from 35-95 SEK.

During parties the bar is buzzing with people and there is sometimes live music performed.

NOTE: in the launch time, make sure your food is heated well. Many times last year i received cold food that was not warmed well and had to send it back.

This is not a problem in the evenings when food is more fresh.

Blue Moon cafe

Blue Moon cafe is located in the second floor of Folkets hus. I dont have much experience about it, but they have good cookies. Sometimes people go there just before the evening meeting to "hang around" and then skip the lines to get to the evening meeting. Note: cash only.

Examples of last years prices:
Brownie 20 SEK w/icecream 25 SEK Berry Pie 20 SEK w/icecream 25 SEK Chocolate ball 5 SEK

A short "educational" video of how to skip lines in the Blue Moon Cafe

Ice-cream parlor

Ice-cream parlor is in the school-area. You can get extremely good sandwiches Media:sandwitch.jpg in a very affordable price. Also the famous Herräng ice-cream can be bought here. They have a small set of flavors inside, but you can also buy ice-cream tickets and after that go to the back of the parlor to choose from a larger variety of flavors. You can also get a good variety of different types of coffee here. Cappuccino, latte, you name it!. This place even has its fan-club in Facebook [1] Note: cash only. You can also buy internet - access here.

The grill

There is a grill opposite to the local store Kuggen. It has everything for those who like junk wood. French fries and burgers (one vegetarian burger). They also have servings like meatballs with potatoes.

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