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General accommodation

General accommodation consists of multiple rooms that all have cheap IKEA-beds in them. Each bed has a top and a bottom bunk. In previous years one of these beds is included in the full course-package, however this year the bed costs extra and there is limited amount of them.

This year this option has an added cost to it, so take that in to account.

TIP: its always better to take the bottom bed, since the beds often wave a lot and its difficult to get sleep on the upper bunk. You can try to borrow a screwdriver from the information desk to tighten the screws, but that may not always help

The best beds are in the school area. That is the area next to all the main class-tents. It will be difficult to get a bed from that area, but its worth a try.


You need a "bed-sticker" in order to get yourself a bed. You cant reserve a bed without it. If you try to throw your bags on a bed to "reserve" it, they will remove your items and throw them in the assembly area!

Picture of a bed-sticker. Each week has a unique sticker.

To get a bed-sticker, you need to first register when you come to the camp. Read more about the registration at the camp

NOTE: you need to bring your own sheets. Otherwise you will not get a bed! They will make you show your sheets before you get a bed sticker. You can buy sheets from the Lindy-Hop shop, but thats only for panic situations.

It is recommended to use ear-plugs, since there might be some noise in the general accommodation. Also bring a flashlight. Its useful during the night when you return from parties. Its not very polite to turn on the lights in the room at 4am, although some jerks do that sometimes. The upper bunks are very close to the lights, so turning them on will wake a lot of people. So please be polite towards others.

It is also recommended to leave your drying towels to dry in the hallways instead of next to your bed.

There are lockers inside and outside the general accommodation. Its free to use them, but you need to bring your own small lock. If you dont have a lock with you, you can try to buy one from the lindy-hop shop. Its preferable to buy a compilation number lock, since small keys can be lost easily.

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