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Welcome to

This is not an official site for herräng dance camp.

I take no responsibility if the information is incorrect. This is my own view based on my visits to herräng dance camp and the things i have learned over the years. It is meant for additional information about the camp. I have used various different images with permission from photographers. Currently editing is restricted to site members only.

Created by Anonymous dancer :-)

Check out these amazing videos of Herräng made by "lindybeige"

Map of the main area
Map of the main area

registration at the camp
Read more about the registration at the camp

Check-list for packing
Check-list for packing

Taking classes
Taking classes

General accommodation
Read about general accommodation

Camp facilities
Read more about camp facilities

Using money at the camp
Read more about using money at the camp

Food in the camp
Food in the camp

Evening activities
Read more about Evening activities

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