Registration at the camp

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Registration at the camp

You must register for a place in the classes before you go there. That requires a so called "Herräng Id". You can get the id and register at

When you arrive at the camp, you need to register for the camp to
- pay for the rest of your course-costs in cash (Swedish kronor, take them with you!)
- get your Herräng-passport card, so that you can attend classes
- get your bed-sticker for general accommodation

The registeration process goes in the following way (at least in the last few years)
1. at around 3 pm, they will allow people to go to the back of the folkets hus and start the line.
2. soon they will start taking people in to the dance-banan.
- you need to have cash ready to pay for your classes, you can pay for one week, or all of your weeks
- you also need a passport-size photo of your face for the herräng-passport card that you will get.
- IMPORTANT : check that they write the correct level of your class in to the card!
(those who take int-adv or adv, will only have the level in their cards. The sub-level will be added to the card later.)
3. then you can laminate the card with the photo you took with you.
4. then its a race to the school-area to get a bed-tag with your herräng-passport card.
5. find a good bed and stick your bed-tag sticker on the side of the bed!

If you arrive late to the camp, its going to be harder to get a good bed.

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