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Taking classes

Majority of the people who come to Herräng take dance classes during the day. You need to register first to get in to the class. It will be more difficult for followers than leads. This year they have implemented a system where you can register with a partner (as lead and follower) and you get a better chance of getting in.

Classes last for 1h 10 minutes and there is usually the same amount of time between classes to rest and cool down.
There are many different teachers, so you might have only a few classes from the same teachers. This has been working well and you get introduced to different styles and moves.

The group will stay the same during the week. Follower will rotate every now and then so that everyone gets a change to dance with all the leads. Some couples have tried to stay in the class without rotating but that has not been met in a good light and isn't really within the spirit of the camp. (there is an exception to this in the beginner-weekend).

It is your responsibility to know where the next class is held. The schedule is included in the information-book that you get during the registration when you arrive to the camp.

Classes start usually at 10am. On Wednesday there will be a slower day when you can sleep late. It will be a "cultural activities" day when there are different activities available. Activities include things like learning how to make cookies, poker-tournament, football-game etc. People tend to think of this day as the "sleep-late"-day.

Passport control

Sometimes during the class there will be a passport control. Two people from the camp staff will check that everyone in the class has herräng passport card. (in other words, if they have payed for the class). Keep your herräng passport with you at all times during the class. If you forget your card and there is a passport check, you can still retrieve it from the general accommodation. Contrary to the popular believe, the passport check-people have newer killed a person without a passport.

Audition for class

Beginner, beginner-intermediate and intermediate levels of lindy-hop do not have an audition. Starting from intermediate-advanced level, there is a audition process on sunday to divide the students to 3 different groups based on their skills. The audition process means you will dance with random people and teachers will evaluate your skills. Then they will give you a sticker with a number to place on your Herräng passport. After your placement you can try to talk about your situation with the teachers if you feel that you are in the wrong group.

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