Using money at the camp

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Using money at the camp

There are no ATM-machines in the camp. You can get money in two ways:
- ask for small amounts in the local store Kuggen. They will charge it on your visa, and you will get it in a few days.
- travel to Halstavik (±9 km from Herrang) to an ATM-machine.

The best way is to take enough Swedish kronor in cash with you. This of course has risks, so you need to keep an eye on your money! Last year there were a few cases of money being stolen from general accommodation. So its best to keep your money in the lockers that are provided in the hallways. You need to bring your own lock for the locker!

The only places where you can pay with your visa-card are the local store Kuggen and the Heavens kitchen-restaurant.

You will need cash for the following things (included but not limited to..):
- paying the rest of your week-course payment. (4200Sek minus the deposit)
- paying the laundry - service.
- paying in the Ice-cream parlor. (cookies, refreshments (coffee), ice-cream, internet-usage tickets)
- paying in the Bar Bedlam for food, refreshments (bear, soda)
- paying the bike-rental
- paying for items in the lindy-hop shop
- paying the airport-pickup if you reserved it or the tickets for the buss-trip to Herräng and back

There are also some small costs on things that are available as optional.
These are usually small shows that needs a ticket.
Examples of these are
- champagne while listening to opera-music (20 SEK)
- Cabaret verboten tickets (20 SEK)

A cash budget for a week of herräng

How much Swedish Kronors should you have with you?

1. Airport pickup is payed in cash. 300SEK/trip if you register in time. So if you take two trips,
one from arlanda to herräng and one beck to arlanda, then it will cost you = 600SEK

2. the course-cost of 4200 SEK, you have already paid 1900 as deposit = 2300 SEK

3. a week card to the yum yum-restaurant. 7 breakfast and 7 dinners = 950SEK

4. Additional hot meal in the evening in Bar Bedlam (usually during the party in the middle of the night).
Prices are around 50-95SEK x 6 nights = 570SEK

5. Some soft-drinks and candy from the store or the ice-cream parlor. 40SEK x 6 = 240SEK

6. Additional small costs like internet access tickets, bike-rentals,laundry-service costs.

Bike rental = 30SEK/day
internet = 150SEK/week (estimate)
laundry-service = 15 SEK/Kg

IF you use the laundry - service and rent a bike for a week and the internet for a week = 500SEK

Total bugdet now = 5160 SEK.
This does not include a trip to the lindy-hop store. If you plan on going there and loose your mind, then add 2000 SEK.

Plus all the money you might need for all the optional little things.

So if you come for one week of classes, and you have already payed the deposit like is should be.
And you will need the herräng transportation service to get from/to Arlanda.
And you want to eat well during the swing-party explosion.

Then i would take 5500 SEK with you to the herräng dance camp.

majority of that will be your course-cost that you have to pay when you register.

What ever money i have ever taken, it has always mysteriously disappeared.

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