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Camp facilities

Camp facilities include
- laundry service
- showers
- sauna
- bike rental
- Airport Pick-Up
- Clinique Massage
- Communication Center / internet
- Lindy-hop Shop
- Boats

Laundry service
The camp has a very good laundry service for all your sweaty clothes. You put all your clothes to a white bag they give you. Then you pay by the kg. I dont remember the exact price, but it was very cheap. After 1-2 days, you will get your clothes back washed and dried, all folded needfully. They cant promise one day delivery always, so make sure you plan ahead.

There are two options for showers. You can use the main-showers that are divided to men's and women's showers.
The water there was ice-cold in the past, but last year they made investments and now the situation is much better.

The second option is the red sauna in the school area. It has only 2 showers. They have different times for men and women listed on the door, but at least in the past few years the morning shift until 12:00 has unisex shifts. Meaning that anyone who is in peace with modesty can use the showers in the morning. Sauna is also available during the night and is unisex after 2 am.

bike rental
You can rent a bike next to the lindy-hop shop. There is usually not enough bikes for all that want one, so you may have to wait a long time. If you stay in the marina, then its good to have a bike for the entire week.

Usually you only need the bike if stay in the marina-area general accommodation.

Airport Pick-Up
This is a transportation service from arlanda airport to herräng dance camp. It costs around 300 Sek if you register for it in time (2 days before). Its a very easy way of getting to the camp if you are a first-timer. If you take the normal bus-service, you have to change a few times and the cost is a lot lower, around 100Sek. If you want to take the normal bus-roots, you should check here first [1]
Please note that the last bus to herräng is leaving very early, so if your plane arrives late, you need to take this airport pick-up.

Communication Center / internet
This is a small room in the school area. It has computers that you can use to get online. There is also a WIFI that you can use outside the room with your own laptops. To get online, you need a user account and you need to pay a little to get usage time. Options for these internet usage-tickets are for one hour, one day, or the entire week. You can buy these tickets from the ice-cream parlor located in the School area.
NOTE: remember to log-out when using the machines. If someone else gets to use your account, it means you cant use it at the same time!!!

Sometimes the computers go down and all electricity is out. This is usually when someone by mistake switches off the electricity extension cord with their foot. If that happens, check the electricity extension cord at the floor to see if its in a off-position. (happened 7 times in 2010...)

Lindy-hop shop
In Lindy-hop shop you can buy items related to swing-dancing.

For example:

- dvd:s of lindy and balboa lessons
- old camp dvd:s and whs-tapes 
- shoes
- clothes. Mostly vintage. There is also a tailor present to make modifications.
- t-shirts, socks
- bed-sheets
- towels
- small items including individual aspirin and clothespins.

There are a few boats in the back of the folkets hus. You can borrow them to go sailing in the lake.

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